The Ruins of Myvolia

Accepting Pelor's Will

I’ve now removed myself from the chambers that seemed to be the entrance of the fabled lost city of Thalia. Unless these idiot slave drivers find some semblance of wisdom, they will all perish soon, for they have no idea what they are delving into, and refuse to accept, or even consider the wisdom of others. May Pelor give them the gift of humility.

After being driven down into what seems to be a tomb of Boccobian priests by these heathens, myself and the huge brute who had no fear (but for some reason seemed content in his life of slavery to this “Shakir” tyrant) managed to destroy an obviously evil monstrous being of some kind, wreathed in flame, at least two men high, and had no soul that it cherished.

Unfortunately, the crazed barbarian has lost his life, and I had no means to save him. Though I struck down our mighty foe, I had not the power to save my deluded companion.

Pelor bless him and see his being for what it was. Count him amongst your worthy angels, as he truly embodies strength and valor.

Although I trust in Pelor to protect me in this life and after, I fully expect that I will be torn apart by these heathens, as they are completely ignorant to anything that could be considered rational, and seem to have no interest past their own monetary greed.

I only hope that my findings will make their way to minds that can see them for their value.


Wild_Gazebo Poutine_Paladin

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