The Ruins of Myvolia

Dear Bradley

Dear Bradley,

I trust that the renovation of the East Wing of the Royal Archives is progressing splendidly under your watchful eye, and that my instructions for the expansion are being followed explicitly. I look forward to seeing the new integrated study hall in all its new splendor upon my return and look forward to the continuation of the project.

Unfortunately, our party has been slain, and I have been captured by some very angry Myvar.

As I have been temporarily detained, please ensure that King Darius has allotted the proper funding so that we can turn our attention to the South Wing when I return.

I fully expect that I will end up being ransomed back to the Crown and that the King will pay whatever the demanded sum to return me to my post as his loyal Master of Archives.

Until my return, best regards,


ps. Remember that the scrolls from 800-1000 are being moved back to the North Wing


Wild_Gazebo Poutine_Paladin

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