The Ruins of Myvolia

I will hope for humanity

I saved what I could

These “people” have no idea about the damage they are doing to the transfer of knowledge (historically speaking) or furthering of humanity. They destroy valuable references with seeming disregard for it’s worth (either historically or financially, I might add) and once again heed not my words. Pelor give me hope for our future.

I can’t imagine what kind of horrible past one must have had to pull down bookshelves full of ancient documents and tomes of knowledge and smash them onto the floor of an ancient chamber obviously protected from natural decay by some magic that cannot be comprehended by our feeble attempts at “Arcane” ways of thinking. I will pray for them, but I lose hope in the possibility of our continued survival if this is the kind of person who will thrive in our world. Pelor give me the strength to withstand this.

I honestly wonder

Oh, my Good and Holy Lord! I will continue later, but for now I must do my part to save these pieces of history from the heathens who care not for the knowledge that may one day save us all. I will save what I can and document what I cannot save to the best of my


Wild_Gazebo Poutine_Paladin

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