The Ruins of Myvolia

Jungle Nights PBP 2

Sunbow and Lucious are standing outside of the Northeastern tower on the church grounds of Pelor. Two of the Primate’s Honour Guard are standing vigil at the door to the tower.

Much to the surprise of Sunbow and Lucious, Jabilo and Victor walk out of the tower door quickly dismissing some conversation they were having.

Before accosts can be made Sunbow spots something strange in the dim rainy night. Almost with a premonitory acuity he spots movement on the roof of the courthouse/prison just on the other side of the churchyard. There are a group of people crouched low in the darkness furtively working at something.


The stone wall and gate are 12’ tall.
Each square is 5’
The Courthouse is a full two story stone building.
There are only a few torches still visible in the churchyard and sleepy village.
The gate is closed.
There is no one else visible: though you know there must be people in the stables, towers, and church.
V is Victor
S is Sunbow
J is Jabilo
Lu is Lucious
L are the lizardfolk
E is Enoch
G is one of the Primate’s honour guard

What do you do?


I scowl at Victor and Jabeelo, muttering something to myself about how servants need to learn their place.

Jungle Nights PBP 2

Sunbow nudges Lucius, and whispers, “Quiet, my friend…we have something to accomplish post haste,” and motion to the roof of the courthouse.

“Lizardfolk,” Sunbow says quietly, hoping not to draw the attention of the prelate, as he will surely call for his metal-clad footpads. “I can’t fathom their purpose, but it can not be one of benefit to us. I can get there, but alone I may be….let’s say ineffective against such a group. And unfortunately Sht’Fake is hunting other game at the moment.”

Jungle Nights PBP 2

“What in the name of St. Lucius are you babbling about,” I say to Sunbow, annoyance at not being admitted to the meeting still clear in my tone. I squint off into the darkness looking for the lizardfolk but at the same time loosening my sword in its scabbard.

Jungle Nights PBP 2

does my low light vision allow me to see anything extra?

“interesting, these folk could not have entered this settlement unnoticed easily.” " should we discover their purpose?" starts wandering to to a position about 9 squares right and 4 squares down from the blue dot.

Jungle Nights PBP 2

The Lizardfolk on the roof don’t seem to have noticed they have been discovered and are slowly moving toward the far side of the courthouse. One slips over the far edge of the roof seemingly jumping off the building.

Jungle Nights PBP 2

“They’re trying to free that snake, Enoch,” Lucius growls. He waves at Victor to follow and begins heading towards the church gate. At double movement over the whole round he should be about ten feet shy of the gate. When he gets to it he’ll burst through (if he can) and head towards the front of the building at a run (normal movement is 20).

Jungle Nights PBP 2

Sunbow goes Leopard and runs to leap to the roof. (I assume a leopard can easily do 12 to the wall and then 8 more from there, especially at a lope.)

Jungle Nights PBP 2

Jabilo will fall in behind Lucius as he lumbers past.

Jungle Nights PBP 2

Victor passes by Lucious at a full run grasps at the heavy bars holding the gates closed; but, struggles until Lucious and Jabilo (sorry I’ve been spelling that wrong)are there to help.

Sunbow takes a standard action to change into a leopard and then streaks toward the corner pillar of the 12’ fence and leaps of the ground looking to be in good form to make the jump.

All but two of the lizardfolk are off the roof now. Just as you are running out of sight of the lizardfolk you notice that they notice they have been discovered…the two make a loud chirping noise and then start heading back toward you again.

One of the Primate’s Honour Guard heads into the tower while the other stands vigil outside of the door.

Jungle Nights PBP 2

Victor, Lucious, and Jabilo manage to cast aside the drawn bars from the church gate and rush into the market square at the front gate of Fort Sun. Even in the low light and drizzling rain you see the fleeing reptiles running in a crouch at the top of the stone wall leading to the outer village palisade. They are all focusing ahead and seem determined to scale the outer wall.

There are two guards unmoving on the ground by the Vintaran Gate and one unmoving guard on the ground at the Main Town Gate. Both gates are closed.

Sunbow, in leopard form, leaps up to the top of the stone wall tries to make a quick jump onto the courthouse but must balance himself first. Then with a disdainful flick of his tail he makes the second jump onto the roof of the stone building.

The two lizardfolk at the top of the building failed to notice the large jungle cat and have been raining darts down at the running Lucious, Victor and Jabilo with their blowguns.

Jungle Nights PBP 2
Lucius, will stop once he arrives in the open ground before the court, raise his sword and shout out, “Hear me lizard scum! I am Lucius of the house Vandrail, Servant of Pelor and sworn sword to the Holy Order of the Knights of the Lantern of St. Clevoy. I challenge you to combat here on an open field!”

Teste of Mettle: you may need to look up the exact specifics, Dave, but all enemies must save Will 14 or be forced to attack me for 7 rounds.
Is the large Lizard man Enoch? I’m not sure if I can recognize him.

Jungle Nights PBP 2

I think that Test of Mettle is a standard action, but if it is a free action, Lucius will also use his Prayer Beads to cast Bless. If his challenge goes unmet he will pursue the Lizard-folk heading for the walls. If they leave the city he will turn to meet any who are left behind.

Jungle Nights PBP 2

Sunbow (as leopard) runs across the roof of the courthouse and pounces at the two lizardfolk on the edge, attempting to bullrush them off the edge to the ground below. Hopefully he’ll manage to land gracefully while smashing them into the ground. He is currently a jungle-cat, after all.

Jungle Nights PBP 2

Jabilo will move towards the relative cover of the market stalls (I think that’s what they are) and casts a cloud of glitterdust centred on the largest of the lizard men. “Now the blindest of you town folk should see what is happening!” hopefully the last one on the wall will pile into the cloud and the first two…

Jungle Nights PBP 2

OOC: I’m heading to Williams Lake for the weekend, and will have very limited internet access, so I’ll try to check in, but no guarantees. I think we should try to get back around a table next Saturday though. Thoughts?

Jungle Nights PBP 2

Luscious strides out into the open courtyard and in a booming voice challenges the cowardice of the slinking lizardfolk atop the walls of Sun. The two lizard warriors flanking Enoch take umbrage at the disparity, stiffen their backs and leap off the 12 foot wall negligently. They both draw ornamental scimitars of stunning quality and start walking toward the indignant knight.

As the the dimness of the night and rain becomes adaptable to your eyes and the closeness of the warriors gets narrower you can see that though the lizardfolk are dressed in dark clothes they are heavily armed and armoured. Blackened steel plate encompasses their forms but seems not to make a sound. Spears, daggers, blowguns, and swords protrude from their forms like an angry thorn bush.

Just as the challenge had been issued and accepted Victor comes streaking through the market toward the first of the foes challenged seemingly ignoring the code of his sire. With several brutal swipes of his sword he lays into the reptile spewing gore and blood in all directions. The lizard warrior, seemingly a veteran, takes a defensive posture and prepares for a counterattack—wounded but not out.

Atop the courthouse there is a flurry of fur and claw as Sunbow in leopard form pounces onto the back of one lizardfolk pushing the other off the edge of the building striking the earth with a uncomfortable thud. The efficient leopard spares not extra time and starts raking the prone lizard warrior from behind looking to end its life quickly. But, the reptile is seasoned breaks from the grip of the ferocious leopard and displays a bone fragment hanging from around it’s neck. Feeling the icy grip of fear pierce his heart Sunbow recoils and begins to look for an escape route.

Jabilo makes a dash for the relative security of a small cart and directs his aim of a Glitterdust toward the slinking form of Enoch. Enoch reals back in anger and is completely blinded by the attack as bright golden glowing motes cling to him and everything around him. He slouches down so that he can feel the wall and slowly starts inching forward so as to not fall off the wall.

Out of nowhere a seemingly viscous cloud of pure darkness takes up most of the market plunging Jabilo into complete darkness (no darkvision or lowlight). The fruits of his last spell disappear from his line of vision as he is surrounded by darkness.

Seeing how the events have unfolded Luscious takes out his prayer beads and offers a blessing to the gathering and strides forward to meet the charge of his challenge.

The leopard-fallen lizardfolk stunned from his fall gathers his strength and his legs, draws his sword and motions to Luscious. Luscious, seeing the two lizards eyeing him, stands his ground to meet them on his terms.

Jungle Nights PBP 2

//What’s the deal here Dave-O? Am I fleeing without a choice, or can I leap into battle with another as long as it’s not tooth-necklace? If you give me my options I’ll post tonight if I can get online at the in-laws. If I can’t, assume I pounce on the one I knocked off the roof (if that’s an option) or flee until I regain my sanity and return to the scene.

Jungle Nights PBP 2

“Come get some,” Lucius bellows as he drops the visor on his helmet and prepares to meet the lizard folk. He will attack which ever opportunity presents itself first but will concentrate on the one that seems to be most injured. He intends to make his way to Enoch once other enemies have been dispatched.

Jungle Nights PBP 2

>Mike You have to retreat away from your opponent at your full move. You can choose a certain direction away….as long as its away from your opponent.

I should have mentioned that there are three honour guard now standing watch over the tower now. They are not engaging in combat and seem to be following orders to guard the tower door

I know Lucious will enter combat and Sunbow will flee but if there is any specific trajectory or combat tactics you wish to employ let me know. Otherwise just need to hear from Jabilo

Jungle Nights PBP 2

Not knowing the extents of the darkness, Jabilo will fumble his way towards Lucious’ voice.

Jungle Nights PBP 2

Crap. I read that instruction, Dave-O, and completely forgot to fill in the blank for you. My direction is pouncing on the one I knocked off the roof if that’s an option. If I have to flee ONLY I will choose away from battle to circle around and come back when I can. If I can’t attack, there’s no point in provoking attacks, right?

Jungle Nights PBP 2

In the dark drizzling rain the front gate of Fort Sun has turned into a hurried melee. Luscious, waiting for his moment to strike appraises the two lizard warriors. Seeing the grit, determination, and unbridled pride of the challenged Mudrunner he quickly feints a broad stroke of his glistening sword toward the closing foe before he makes a telling strike on the already injured lizard to his right. The creature howls in pain and drops his weapon as he catches himself on all fours upon the muddy earth. Still breathing and holding his own weight but near death.

Quickly recovering from the broad feint, the other lizard warrior closes in on Luscious … stopping short of delivering a ringing blow he seems to sidestep the knight and gently push his ornamental scimitar between the plates of Luscious’s armour giving the holy warrior a sickening smile. “There we go human, listen to the dreams of the canopy spider.”

A terrible pain wracks Luscious as the poison starts coursing through his veins.

Victor, fully embroiled with the Mudrunner stolen from Luscious’s challenge, sends the battle into a tell-tale barrage of sword strokes seen many times on the field of practice. With a quick slip of his wrist and a step into the face of his opponent he finishes painting the stone wall with the ichor of the lizards innards. The Mudrunner flops to the ground in a heap of inert organs

Meanwhile, Enoch, blinded by the golden motes of the glitterdust, is slowly crawling atop the wall toward the palisade of the outer wall.

Sunbow, maligned by the curse of the lizard on top of the courthouse, has no choice but to flee. In his leopard form he quickly leaps off the roof, skips over the wall and cuts through the trees into the Pelorian churchyard. Hidden by night, rain, and vegetation.

The lucky lizardman on the roof wastes no time in congratulating himself, he quickly loads a blowgun and fires it striking Victor in the side of the neck. Victor echoes the scream of Luscious and similarly feels the poison starting to work its way through his infected body.

Jabilo, tentatively walking toward the sound of Luscious’s voice steps out of the darkness only to step back into the confines of it as he finds the border of the incantation. Feeling comfortable in his dark seclusion he waits for his opportunity.

I will allow an action here Sandy if you wish to. Please let me know right away so that we can move onto the next round.

Just for a quick measure I will track hit points for the good guys and give approximate percentages of health (not percentage of injuries taken) for the bad guys.

Luscious 43/56
Victor 29/50
Sunbow 28/28
Jabilo 29/29

L1 75%
L2 1%
L3 0 dead
L4 100%
Enoch 100%

Jungle Nights PBP 2

Lucius, gritting his teeth against the poison now wracking his body, engages the lizard man still standing before him. Through his pain he yells, “Victor! Stop Enoch before he gets away!”

If the heavily injured lizardman (L1) makes a move towards attacking Lucius will finish him off. If he remains helpless, Lucius will keep an eye on him, but will concentrate instead on the standing foe (L4).

Jungle Nights PBP 2

Emerging from the darkness Jabilo will reach into the folds of his bandoleer retrieving a pot of alchemists fire from its protective shell. He will proceed to lob vile substance at the nearest lizard man.

Jungle Nights PBP 2

Sunbow will turn back to the sight of the battle as soon as he recovers his wits, intending on taking down the villain who ran him off with a mere glance.

Jungle Nights PBP 2
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