The Ruins of Myvolia

So I managed to survive again

Who would have thought that a simple academic such as myself would be so adept at survival?

After having my entire party slain by winged stone beasts immediately upon entering the secret passage to the lost city of Thalia (or Thaylia as some documents spell it), I lay praying to Pelor on the sun-parched rock of a huge chasm-like fissure in the earth. It seems as if he again heard my call, as before the beasts could tear me apart and devour me as they were doing to my…dare I say…friends, a huge Myvar man came hurdling through the illusory wall that guards the entrance to the valley and set upon the stone creatures. A few others followed, though I doubt that he needed their help, as he carved through their stone skin as if it were wet parchment.

Unfortunately, Pelor’s will was once again a double-edged blessing, as I was soon taken prisoner by the very hoarde of bandits that we had escaped from not one week earlier, and was treated as shabbily as before. I penned a correspondence to Ran-Adin, addressed to Bradley, who I left in charge of the renovation/expansion project of the Archives, though I have not high hopes for its arrival.

Although I willingly share my knowledge and years of extensive research with these men, they show little kindness to me, and in fact mocked my words and experience with the subject, and waded heedlessly into battle a short while later with the Purelanders, who had taken a fortified position in front of a doorway to what I can only assume is the entrance to the fabled city itself. Once again, the huge brute who came seemingly inadvertently to my rescue on the floor of the chasm charges alone into the ranks of men who hold the city.

Knowing that his death would prove fatal to us all, as he is surely the mightiest man I’ve yet seen, rivaled only by the late, foolhardy, epically-bad-decision-making, oathbreaking ex-Paladin with whom I was previously traveling, I charge in behind him, calling upon Pelor to aid me once again.

After fortifying my own personal defenses, I called into being a duo of magical steeds the likes of which have ne’er been seen. Majestic winged horses came to my aid and attacked furiously our enemies on their flanks as the barbarian carved his way through. Soon we had dispatched our adversaries and were relaxing comfortably in the shadow of the marvelous entry to the city I’d been pursuing for nearly ten years.

Oh, had I an artists skill with a brush! That magnificent facade, carved by magic from the very earth itself! I rendered it as well as I could, and searched for further knowledge amongst the belongings of those who had camped in its shadow for a time. After finding barely anything of note, I sat to document my travels thus far.

I will be sure to return to my documentation, but for now I must see what all the shouting is about. Oh, Pelor give me strength, the leader of the hoarde approaches…I fear I may not yet rest.


Wild_Gazebo Poutine_Paladin

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