The Ruins of Myvolia

This is why I stay in the library

Okay…so we’ve managed to beach ourselves, though not our ship.

I have some theories, which I will explore when I am again find myself in some semblance of civilization, though it’s hard to see them having the resources I need if their land is anything to go by.

I’ve read of this place…it’s harshness, and death dealing throughout history…but I must admit, even I couldn’t properly comprehend this. I’ve asked Pelor for water and food before, in situations where it was needed for his children to survive…but how does anyone survive in a place like this without heavenly assistance? I guess it’s true that hardship reinforces faith. Perhaps the hermits really have something there. Consider this my note to explore that further…perhaps the church will approve a pilgrimage for me for once. Other things to explore first, though.

My group seems pretty faithless itself…at one point I found myself launching into a sermon to reinforce their emotional (if not spiritual) state. For the sailors, it’s understandable, I suppose, and I’m not sure about the gnome…he seems a hard nut to crack. I sense a deep emotional void (or perhaps a space that was a void but has since been filled with impurities) within that one. He’s obviously got talent in the supernatural arts, which I have been “taught” to despise…though I don’t have (and have never had) a spiritual problem with that dimension of thought. Perhaps I’ll investigate it…though I get the impression that he may not be the one for the dialogue. Put it on the list.

The Paladin, on the other hand, shames himself with his lack of faith…as well as his selfish bravado. I’ve been around enough of the Lantern Knights to know that this one is an aberration. One wonders how he came to be in the order, and how he’s been allowed to remain. It can’t be just his battle prowess, the order holds itself to higher standards than that…though I’ll freely admit that we likely would all have perished without his martial aid aboard the Osprey. I shall ask Pelor for guidance in this matter.

Too many things on the list again, but I suppose I should be used to Pelor asking all this of me. I have been chosen, and I will perform my duty according to his will. We’ll see what becomes of the world on the morrow.


Wild_Gazebo Poutine_Paladin

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