Lord Commander Orthos Blakeburn

Tall and powerfully built, Lord Commander Blakeburn has a shaggy mane of black hair and a bristly beard despite his fifty years. An air of confidence hangs about him.


The commander of the Ran Adin garrison of the Lantern Knights, Lord Blakeburn is a fearsome bear of a man. A seasoned veteran who has campaigned throughout both the northern and southern lands he is renown for his commitment to defend the interests of his order and the Lucidian Church.

In combat Lord Commander Blakeburn wears a hauberk of black chain and fights with a great axe that is said to have a finger bone of Saint Clevoy embedded in the handle.


Orthos Blakeburn joined the Lantern Knights in Descendria when he was only thirteen. He squired for Sir Kevron Dalland who later rose to command the Lantern Knights as Lord Marshall from 380 to 388 LE. When he earned his spurs, Sir Orthos continued to prove his mettle in some of the most far-flung and dangerous postings.

It was during this time that he first commanded Sir Lawrence Godwin. Lord Blakeburn had tremendous respect for Sir Lawrence and it was he who eventually assigned the younger knight the task of escorting Brother Brandos Griffin and Brother Haydon Wallace on their journey to Cyonia.

Lord Blakeburn rose through the ranks and became commander of several smaller garrisons before he was transferred to Lantern Keep in Valsina, Vintara. In 416 LE he rose to become Lord Commander in Ran Adin, a position traditionally considered as second only to the Lord Marshall of the order.

After the disastrous Battle of the Lion in 417 LE that resulted in the deaths of King Darius and his sons, it was Lord Blakeburn who first proclaimed Count Kheldon, the king’s grandson, as King of Cyonia. He joined the new king’s Privy Council, to help guide, protect and shape King Kheldon.

Lord Commander Orthos Blakeburn

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