King Darius

"It was after his death that Darius' true talent for leadership was revealed." Brother Hayden Wallace, Goldrise Monastery


Even into his late fifties King Darius was a lean and athletic figure. His piercing dark eyes would smolder when his temper was aroused but they also revealed a keen intelligence and kindly disposition when he was in a good humour.

Darius often dressed in fine silks and furs when at court, though he prefered to wear his suit of plate armour and ride one of the large Grewhanian war chargers that he kept in the large stables of the White Palace. In battle he was a fearless commander, leading his men with his ancestral blade Grimstead, a longsword, sheathed in a golden light that smote its victims with a righteous fury.


King Darius was the third in the Giddon line of kings and grandson to King Tiberius, the founder of modern Cyonia and the High Captain of the Crusader armies.

Darius was nearly nine years old when his grandfather was selected by a committee of Lucidian priests and northern nobles to lead the Crusader army that was to invade the ancient lands in a quest to recapture the city of Ran Adin. Though Darius was too young to accompany the initial crusader armies in their siege of Lycos and the eventual capture of Ran Adin, he joined his grandfather’s army at the age of thirteen in the continuing campaign to expand the kingdom and defend it from Myvar attacks.

When Tiberius was proclaimed the monarch of the newly minted Kingdom of Cyonia, Darius continued to serve both at court and in the field. When his grandfather died after eleven years on the throne, the crown passed to his eldest son, King Godfry, Darius’ uncle. When Godfry died three years later in the battle of the Mirrin Valley without male issue, a council of nobles and priests was called to determine the correct line of succession. After reviewing the potential candidates the council unanimously decided in favour of Darius and he was proclaimed king.

Darius was married to a Thraycian princess and had two sons and a daughter by her. His eldest son, Prince Dallatus, was Lord Commander of the Royal Army and High Captain of the Crusaders. He was married to Princess Alyssa of Angrove though they have yet to have any children. Prince Godfry, Darius’ younger son, was also the Duke of Lycos and Lord Admiral of the Fleet. He acquitted himself well having overseen vast improvements to the docks and defences of the Port of Lycos and commanded several sorties aimed at breaking up Myvolin pirates that roam the Alorean Sea. Though only twenty he was married to Duchess Verinna and has two sons by her. Princess Leora is Darius’ oldest child and is also the Countess of Ibylis having survived her husband, Count Samos Drethor. Her son, Kheldon Drethor, is now Count of Ibylis.

Though Darius’ managed to rule for thirty years, expanding and defending his borders in the traditions of his sires, it was at the Battle of the Lion deep in Myvolin lands that the king eventually met his end. In the year 517 LE Darius dispatched a group of adventurers to recover his grandson, Count Kheldon, who had been spirited away by a zealous group of crusaders known as The Brotherhood of the Pure Land. The adventurers pursued the Pure Landers to the ruined city of Thaylia but also stirred up considerable unrest amongst the Myvar cities nearby. Fearing that a Myvar army might soon separate his grandson from safety, Darius girded his army for war and marched west to give aid.

Though large, his forces were outnumbered by the massive Myvar army that Sultan Fareez ali Husseini ibn Kadar of Coronet assembled and met him with. Somewhere at the centre of the ensuing melee Darius and both of his sons were reported killed. It was with great sadness that the retreating remnants of the Cyonian forces carried the body of their beloved king east towards his country. The only point of relief came when the adventurers who had by now recovered Count Kheldon were able to link up with the Cyonian army where he was proclaimed king.

The effects that Darius’ reign had on Cyonia were profound. He was a wise and judicious king who allowed both Lucidians and Myvar to worship and move freely about his kingdom. More than any of his predecessors he helped to create a stable and viable Lucidian land on the Alorean continent.

King Darius

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