Hakim ibn Rassad

Chief of the Shalmar-i-Hausani tribe of Bethuani


Tall and muscular with long black hair, dark eyes and weathered skin. Hakim is dressed in the red and black robes of his tribe. A wide red sash at his waist holds a wicked-looking kukri knife. From his hip hangs a rasor sharp scimitar.


Hakim ibn Rassad is the chief of the Shalmar-i-Hausani, a tribe of Bethuani that roam the foothills of southern Cyonia. His tribe was charged a millenia ago with watching over the tomb of the Vizier Harjaani, hidden in the Miriim Valley east of Iblys.

Hakim and his people ran afoul of Count Samos of Iblys when the Count decided to take measures to tame the Bethuani tribes in his lands. After several skirmishes and raids by both sides, the Bethuani were severely reduced in number.

In the midst of this, an archeological party led by Brother Rydan, a monk of Pelor, uncovered Harjaani’s tomb. Hakim gathered what forces he had and attempted to stop Brother Rydan, but the excavation was under the protection of Lord Samos and Hakim’s men were repeatedly repelled. It was the minions of the Vizier Harjaani who eventually smashed Brother Rydan’s party. Hakim personally pursued Brother Rydan, who narrowly escaped with an urn containing part of Vizier Harjaani’s body. When the Brother fell ill he entered The House of the Healing Hand in Ran Adin and was temporarily beyond the reach of Hakim. Though he temporarily lost track of the urn, Hakim continued to stake out Brother Rydan until the PCs met with him. At that time he joined them and helped them return the urn to its hidding spot.

Hakim ibn Rassad

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