Abbot Hayden Wallace

Clean-cut determined looking man in his middle years.


Abbot Hayden Wallace of the Order of the Lucidian Brothers is a tall, lean man with clear, blue eyes and a determined set to his jaw. Although he is accustomed to wearing the plain brown wool robes of his order, Abbot Hayden is no stranger to an adventuring life. As a member of the Lucidian Brothers he has travelled far and wide in search of knowledge and lore, often at great peril to his life. As a result he often dons a chain shirt and steel helm while on the road, wielding a heavy iron mace to good effect.

Though the Abbot is a holy man, he possesses a great deal of wisdom concerning worldly affairs. He is a competent organizer who has worked hard to continue to expand the learning of the Goldrise Monastery.


Brother Hayden has spent his entire adult life in the service of Pelor. He came to the Goldrise Monastery at the age of fifteen, a younger son to a poor fisherman. His devotion to learning and prayer made him a valuable member to the academic atmosphere of the monastery. He is considered an authority on ancient Myvolia.

After an adventure through Cyonia with Brother Brandos, Brother Hayden was nominated to head the order after the passing of the previous Abbot. Hayden won the nomination and is continuing the previous Abbot’s goal of making the Goldrise Monastery a centre of learning in the Pelorian world. His first act as Abbot was to send a deligation to Ran Adin to mine the libraries and archives for valuable information. The delegation, consisting of Brother Brandos, is set to stay in Ran Adin for an indeterminate amount of time.

Abbot Hayden Wallace

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