Jaccob Miller

Seven years old with bone white skin and eyes, Jaccob's flesh hangs from him in ragged sheets.


Young Jaccob Miller was murdered thirty years ago by a group of children that included his brother, Henry Miller, and the mysterious boy, Olin Vars.

Because of the violence and terror of his death on the Black Alter Jaccob rose once more as a Tormented One. Though slight and emaciated he is possessed of incredible strength and agility. Jaccob can climb sheer walls and with great speed and can move with the stealth of a shadow.

He began reaping vengeance upon his tormenters with the death of Father Francis Bretton and continued with Kella Brinewood, Sir Darlow Colebrook and Richard Daughton. All of his victim’s had their bodies broken and snapped, their bones protruding through flesh.


Jaccob Miller

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