Kaymar Solundra

Tall and thin, carries himself very straight and walks with a skip to his step.


Human, Kaladonin

Age 39
Height 6’ 10"
Weight 192 lbs


Kaymar makes a living in the small town of Doubt in Centara. He sells herbs and salves to the locals while offering arcane services on the side to those who are interested. He calls himself a merchant of the ‘unknown and mysterious’ and has a nice little home on the northern outskirts of town. He has never been in trouble with the local populous or authorities; but has always kept to himself…with the exception of the stall he opens at the markets twice a week.

He has recently been sighted in the company of Septum of Able (a fugitive of the church) and is currently wanted for questioning in connection with multiple murders, theft, and damage to church and public property.

Kaymar Solundra

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