King Kheldon of Cyonia

A boy of just fifteen, short and thick set with wavy dark hair, a fair complexion and dark eyes.


King Kheldon of Cyonia, Count of Ibylis and fourth in the Giddon line of monarchs is the newly minted king in Ran Adin. Like his father, the deceased Count Samos Drethor of Ibylis, Kheldon is short and thick set with fiery red hair and a personality to match.

Kheldon is known to have a deep distrust and even hatred for the Myvar living in Cyonia. Much of this stems from the belief that his father died battling bethuani raiders. In fact it was the arcane powers of the wizard Kasper that killed the former Count of Ibylis (Kaspar~To be fair I had help from bethuani raiders).

Kheldon can be wild and willful. His temper is ferocious and he has little of the patience and temperance that his grandfather and predecessor to the throne was famous for.


In 417 LE the young Kheldon left Cyonia in the company of Lord Covin and Father Tarduk, two of the leading members of the Brotherhood of the Pure Land. It is still unclear whether Kheldon was absconded or accompanied them of his own volition, but the resulting fiasco ended with his grandfather, King Darius, personally leading an army into Myvar lands in an attempt to rescue him. When Darius and both of Kheldon’s maternal uncles were killed in the resulting Battle of the Lion the crown fell to Kheldon.

Once he was rescued by Brother Brandos, Kasper and the Myvar mercenary Maziir, Kheldon was proclaimed King of Cyonia by the surviving crusader army.

King Kheldon of Cyonia

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