Countess Leora of Ibylis

A beautiful, bud sad woman, Leora conducts herself with the dignity that is her birthright.


The lithe, beautiful Leora, Princess of Cyonia and Countess of Ibylis is a sight to behold. Her wavy blonde hair and porcellan skin betray her northern roots and her green eyes and full lips have inspired not a few bards to sing her praises. An air of sadness hangs over Leora that she girds with a grace and dignity that reveals her noble heritage.


Thirty year old Countess Leora was the wife of the powerful and influential Count Samos of Ibylis. She was married to the much older man when she was only sixteen by her father, King Darius of Cyonia who wished to secure the Count’s loyalties to the throne. Leora’s mother was Queen Vallanna, a sister to the Thraycian Emperor and as such she is descended from an ancient line of nobility.

Countess Leora has three children by the Count, a boy and two girls. Her son, Kheldan, inherited his father’s lands and titles when he died in 415 LE seemingly in combat with Bethuani tribesman. Two years later, at the age of 15 he became King of Cyonia when his grandfather and both uncles were killed in the disastrous defeat at the Battle of the Lion.

Leora caused a small scandal throughout the kingdom when she took the disgraced knight Lawrence Godwin as her lover shortly after the death of her husband. The affair angered her father and damaged her relationship with her fiery son. The deaths of Lawrence, her father and both of her brothers while trying to recover Kheldon who had been absconded by the Brotherhood of the Pure Land in 417 LE was crushing for Leora. Though sorrow is ever in her eyes, grief has yet to break Princess Leora.

Countess Leora of Ibylis

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