Noel Selford

A plain, soft spoken man, with a slight slouch wearing common garb.


Human, Vintaran

Age 44
Height 5’ 10"
Weight 160 lbs


Noel Selford was raised by a strict Vintner from Vintara. The majority of his youth was spent working for his father selling the wares of the family. Until, during a business trip to the new territory of Centara, he fell in love with the people of the jungle. Foregoing his inheritance he moved to Centara to start anew.

He had mixed feelings on how the church handled the ex- Simbians and found himself involved with a couple of resistance groups before realizing he was truly betraying his own ideals. He fell into a bit of bodyguard work for some foreign merchants; but eventually joined the town guard in Doubt. After years of devoted service he is now the captain of the guard and only answers to the town council…who to this day tend to be Vintarans rather than Centarans. This is something Captain Selford recognizes and tries to keep in check through his enforcement of the law.

It is currently a tumultuous time for Captain Selford as he is forced to deal with an influx of population, crime, and poverty and the disbanding of the town council as the Lantern Knights have appropriated the town. He is unsure about his future and how he should handle it: and is grateful for any assistance he can get.

Noel Selford

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