Prelate Vander Dominica

Lean, solid, yet studious looking, middle aged man.


Of average height and build but carries himself in a very proper and precise manner. When he looks at you, you can feel his intense scrutiny like a palpable force.

His words are crisp and brief and he doesn’t suffer fools.

Although his job entails administration and ministration he has the calculated movements of a highly trained warrior—projecting his years of service to the Lantern Knights of Saint Clevoy.


As a young knight Vander’s mettle was tested on the shores of Cyonia. Eager to carve a part of history with his sword he became a decorated warrior quickly becoming a man who led men. After years of service in the southern deserts, his disenchantment with the politics of the region spurred him toward the faith of his order over the sword.

He returned to Vintara as a pilgrim and developed a keen interest and passion for the monastic orders by joining the Lucidian Brotherhood. The discipline inherent was profound for him so he embraced the wholeness of the church of Pelor into his countenance. Spending over 15 years in devotion to the church, outside of his military career, the Hellion council requested his service yet again.

The church had spent years driving the truth of Pelor into the natives of Centara. There was much success, but the dogma seemed to be completely evasive. Years were spent purging the evils of the voodoo that was proclaimed, and mixed with the purity of Pelor, but the populous didn’t seem to learn from the suffering of the infidels. A new direction was discussed and suggested by the School of St Margo, a kind of tacit acceptance, so long as the true belief of the one god was intact.

Vander Dominica was the man chosen to lead the order of Lantern Knights who had been policing the state. So, he was bestowed the exceedingly rare rank of Prelate and sent to the Jungles of Centara to keep the word of Pelor in the minds of the faithful—where he would be able to oversee the arm of the church and the order of knights.

Vander was, in effect, the leader of Centara for over five years. It wasn’t until the addition of a Primate to the shores of Centara that Vander was relegated to the administration of the Lantern Knights solely. Now instead of making direct reports to the Patriarch and the Lord Commander he simply was able to direct his communications through a primate who’s sole purpose on Centara was to develop the faith so that the mother church could instill a cardinal-ate securely.

Currently: Vander has taken a hands-on approach to the turmoil on the eastern border of Centara. He feels confident in the leaders of the chapter houses in the more populated areas and thus feels he can do more for the order by entreating the threat more directly. He is stoically avoiding the amassing of force on the fringe-like border with the infamously powerful Sandorian Empire—so that he can work on the instability of the region without political fallout…or worse all out war.

Prelate Vander Dominica

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