Primate Joseph Cardel

Tall grey haired administrator of the Lucidian Church.


Human, Vintaran
6’ 2"
190 lbs

The primate has the countenance of a hard man. Long strong lines dash his face like scars of hard decisions he has been forced to make. He always dresses in the dark robes and hat of a church administrator and takes great effort to maintain his long slicked back hair. When he speaks it is very deliberate and seemingly without concern for emotion.

Since his appointment to the Primate of Centara he continually travels with an honor guard of devoted warriors that were chosen from the Order of St Cuthbert. He likes to think of himself as ‘hands on’ and will travel to even the most remote communities in his Primacy. While his official station is in Respite it is not uncommon to find him in the border towns of Sun or Sol so that he might feel the pulse of his nation and its borders.


Born to a wealthy Vintaran family from Arncourt that proudly traces their descendants to the slave pits of Ran Adin (and robustly claims to have shared the same vessel as Dalmatius during the exodus to Vintara) Joseph has devoted his life to the church. It is said that every first born son of the Cardels have devoted their lives to the church of Pelor and Joseph is no exception.

Joseph showed extreme intelligence at an early age and quickly became an excellent student, a stellar candidate for seminary, and a popular target for abuse. Rising above many opponents he became very successful at a young age.

Driven more by knowledge than by spirituality, he devoted his time to volunteering at libraries, well financed churches, and the local civic departments. After seminary he avoided missionary and parish appointments by volunteering on the staff of Bishop Santiago Dominicus. From there he travelled the world seeing to everything from peace treaties, founding of churches, demonic trials, and astute bureaucratic maneuverings.

Never serving a parish, Joseph spent the majority of his life as a Priest on one council or another; but always stayed close to his mentor, and long time family friend, and the current Arch-Bishop of the High North, Santiago Dominicus. Rivals quickly point out Joseph’s connection with the Arch-Bishop; but, Joseph spent many years as the Vicar General for Vintara, then four years as the Priest Administrator for Alorea: two very difficult appointments that only a well organized structured person could handle. Joseph always relished the role of the path of the Clerks Regular in the Father Church and has always respected the power of the institution.

It is widely believed that after he was appointed the rank of Primate he turned down two separate appointments: one to Diocesan Bishop of South Cantur in Welt and the other to the illustrious position of Abbot Primate of the Order of St Lucius. Most feel he is positioning himself to become the first Cardinal of Centara after the Arch-Bishop of the High North gets his way and the cardinal-ate is inducted into the Hellion Council.

Primate Joseph Cardel

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