Large, portly, brown skinned man with a big nose and many smile lines.


Human, Centaran
Age 57
Height 5’ 9"
Weight 220lbs


Sabuun is the traditional leader of the Rappid River Tribe. The Rappid River Tribe originates from the area where the current day village of Fort Sun exists. Sabuun is an amiable, welcoming, man who allows anyone to come and go from his home as they please. Because of his jovial manner he is commonly mistaken for simple minded; but, if one were to look at his history of negotiations and accumulation of wealth it would be hard to miss the shrewdness of his mind. Well liked by most, his family is widely discussed through all of the jungle tribes as the most prolific. Sabuun seems to have a cousin everywhere.

A member of the Council of Elders (a multi-tribal native group) and a member of the Council of Sun (the ruling council of Fort Sun) Sabuun has his fingers in just about every activity in the Centaran side of the Que’Sambo jungle basin. He has the ability to grant land, settle disputes, judge criminals and banish within the confines of his tribe: and has similar powers through the Council of Sun though through different bureaucratic methods.

Sabuun appreciates what the Knights of Pelora (Lantern Knights of St Clevoy) have brought to the jungle and is glad they are helping with the unfortunate influx of refugees from the Sandorian Empire to the east. He will continue to work side-by-side with the Lucidians just as long as his people don’t start to suffer.


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