Septum of Able

Friendly, unassuming disposition, quick to laugh but displays a tactical mind


Plain faced with short brown hair and a neat trimmed beard, Septum dresses cleanly but without pomp and mostly projects a practical business camaraderie.

Dwarven, Sandorian
Age approx 150 (middle aged)
Height 4’ 5"
Weight 170lbs


Septum is of middle years for a dwarf and is wholly committed to his merchant guild. A member of House Lex, a controlling family of the Hospitality Guild in New Luxor, Sandoria, Septum is a House Merchant: tasked with travelling the world acquiring trade and resource to benefit his house and guild. He is rarely encountered without an armed escort and an assortment of rare commodities so that he may always gain the upper-hand in negotiations.

Although, his motives aren’t completely clear, he has a direct investment in the amber serpent idol of the Snake People and claims that his employer is planning on giving it back to its rightful owners. It is currently believed he possesses this artifact.

Septum is officially an escaped convict of the state of Centara and is to be considered an enemy to the Patrician of Vintara and thus an enemy to the Lucidian Church.

The only real evidence toward the motives of Septum comes from the letter he left Prelate Vander on the night of his escape from the prison in Doubt.

Letter to Vander

Septum of Able

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