Shakir Muhallah ibn Drakan

Tall and well built with a black beard and scowling face the Shakir is always well dressed.


The Shakir wears a beautifully made suit of scale armour and bears a wicked looking falchion called Crackle Bane. He is festooned with rings, jewels and the finest of clothing.


Shakir Muhallah ibn Drakan is a leading man of Coronet. He is a wealthy corsair who has made his fortune raiding across the Northern Kingdoms. As his star rises the Shakir has sought further advancement at the court of the Sultan by accepting greater responsibilities. His quest for greater power is his most obvious trait.

The Shakir’s greatest passion, besides power, is his highly regarded stable of gladiators. He also boasts and extensive harem of wives from nearly every human nation.

The Shakir’s first interaction with the PCs came as they searched for the ruins of Thaylia. The Shakir’s forces captured Brother Brandos and Lawrence before they escaped and his horse-broiling encounter with Kasper left him deeply afraid of wizards.

Shakir Muhallah ibn Drakan

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