Sir Jakon Bellona

Tall, upright, clean-cut


Human, Ulnoran

Age 54
Height 6’ 2"
Weight 192 lbs


With the distinguished rank of Captain, Sir Bellona is the head of the chapter house of the Lantern Knights of St Clevoy, in Doubt, Centara. He is a clean-cut man whose posture is always impeccable, tending to always over annunciate his words he can come off sounding quite condescending. His lack of social proficiency is well compensated for with his prowess as a tactician and a warrior.

Raised in Fairngo, within the Dutchy of Bellweather, he was always a devout child with a strong moral compass. His strong devotion ultimately led him to the order of St Clevoy where he took the vows of the holy knight in the Cathedral of St Helen. He spent many years in Thrayce, Dewthrainia, and Bellweather before he was eventually raised to the rank of Captain and assigned the chapterhouse in Doubt.

Currently he has been tasked with the eradication of the Mudrunners (a subset of lizard folk) within the borders of Centara by Prelate Vander Domincia.

Sir Jakon Bellona

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