Sir Tristan Rigby

Sir Tristan is tall and slender with dark hair that cascades in ringlets to his shoulders. A patch covers his right eye and partially covers a jagged scar that runs from his hairline to his jaw.


Sir Tristan looks every bit the veteran soldier that he is. Tall and slender his single blue eye is sharp and alert, the other lost to a wound that left a jagged scar that begins in his hairline and runs over his brow to the jaw.

He is a quiet and contemplative man, devout in his religion and fierce in his beliefs.

In combat, Sir Tristan favours a longsword and shield and wears a hauberk of oiled chain. His sircoat is a deep wine-red interposed with a cream yellow and has a hawk embroidered over the heart.


Sir Tristan Rigby was born in the border regions of Valestra during the Division Wars that saw the kingdom of Prax shattered and transformed into scattered protectorates. It was a dangerous time with opposing armies capturing, holding and eventually losing land in a bloody tide of war. As a child he bore witness to the horrors of combat, seeing villages burnt, smallfolk put to the sword and even holdfasts fall to fire and death.

Tristan was the second son of a minor baron and was squired to his uncle, a hedge knight, at eleven. Over the next six years his uncle served numerous lords on many sides and Tristan faithfully followed, mastering his craft with a quiet competence, growing into a skilled fighter. He earned his spurs on his seventeenth name day and continued to serve beside his uncle for another year. Soon, however, Tristan was ready to embark on a new life.

The constant proximity to war and bloodshed had left a hole in the young knight. It was a space that was never satisfied with the random life of a mere soldier. His own religious education had been patchy at best but it was at this time that he heeded the call of a bare-foot priest who urged good Lucidians to head south to the Ancient Lands to defend the faith.

Sir Tristan arrived in Lycos with nothing but his horse and his sword, a man without a cause or even a friend. It was soon after that a chance encounter with a Myvar merchant brought Sir Tristan to the attention of a powerful clergyman name Cardinal Guy de Valin. Cardinall de Valin was the Privy Seal, the right hand of King Darius. Sensing a lost soul, the Cardinal offered Sir Tristan a position in his household as a protector and capable servant.

For the last ten years Tristan has loyally and fiercely served the Cardinal. He is more than just a protector, acting as the aged Cardinal’s eyes and ears and as a confidant. Much of Tristan’s views on faith and politics have been shaped by the Cardinal.

Sir Tristan Rigby

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