Sir Walton Renly

Steel grey hair, handlebar mustache, abrupt disposition.


Human, Vintaran
Age 54
Height 5’ 10"
Weight 165 lbs


Sir Walton Renly is the ranking quartermaster of the Lantern Knights of St Clevoy in the town of Doubt, Centara. Reporting directly to Sir Connelly Torbrook the Marshal of Centara, Sir Renly is a strict man who takes his responsibilities very seriously. There has been a great deal of transition over the last five years as the Lucidian church is making sure the assets of the Lantern Knights and the church proper are being properly separated. There was a time, in Centara, where the chapters of the knights and the workings of the church became inseparable due to the advancing level of the faithful: this time is coming to an end.

You get the impression when talking to Sir Renly that he doesn’t trust you, or anyone else, and he will quite bluntly tell you so. But, when the time is grave, and the need is high, he is one of the most dedicated allies one could ever have.

Stationed with mostly administrative functions, Sir Renly has a small office in the back of the main stable in the Lucidian churchyard in Doubt; where he maintains the treasury and inventories his alloted assets in Doubt.

Sir Walton Renly

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