Bishop Tarduk

A slender man in his mid-forties with a balding pate and an immaculately oiled goatee and two dark, piercing eyes..


Bishop Adrius Tarduk is a slender, man with hunched shoulders, an oily black goatee, thinning hair and dark, piercing eyes. He tends to dress in the simple robes of a priest with the gold chain of his royal office about his neck.

Despite his stature, Tarduk has a deep and sonorous voice that commands attention. He is a master orator and is thought in many circles to be the true heart of the Purelander movement.


Father Tarduk first came to Ran Adin as so many other poor clerics have, as a preacher-pilgrim. His orations were controversial and often stirred up unrest as he railed against the Myvar population and extolled the virtues of those who lived purely by the Lucidian creed.

His partnership with the late Lord Covin gave him access to the royal court and eventually he caught the ear of many influential persons throughout Cyonia. He was second in command of the Purelander force that took Prince Kheldon to Thaylia in 517 LE, and he was one of the few members of that group to survive.

Tarduk was taken into custody by Brother Brandos, a monk of the Lucidian Order, and the Royal Archivist of Ran Adin. After he was delivered to authorities, however, Tarduk was released and promoted to the position of Lord Privy Seal to the newly enthroned King Kheldon. He was quick to extract revenge, imprisoning Brother Brandos and forcing the wizard Kaspar to go into hiding.

According to Cardinal Guy de Valin, Father Tarduk then manipulated the Arch Bishop of Cyonia into promoting him to Bishop of Namaran, a tiny and unimportant diocese rather than take the larger and richer diocese of Lycos. He then dispatched The Company of the Iron Wolves, a fearsome mercenary company from the Northern Kingdoms to the Namaran Valley.

Bishop Tarduk’s motives in Namaran are uncertain, but his growing grasp on power is certain.

Bishop Tarduk

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