High Chancellor Tirwin Gometta

An ancient, highly preserved corpse with pale, blue-tinted skin, a white beard and mane of hair and milky, sightless eyes.


Tirwin gometa

High Chancellor Tirwin Gometta has been dead for over two centuries. His corpse now sits on a stone chair in a crypt located beneath the ruins of Thaylia. Despite that he has several times been in contact with the slave-gladiator Feraz, helping to guide him through the ruins of his former city. Lord Tirwin makes contact with Feraz whenever the mighty gladiator is killed, meeting him in the place-between-places while Feraz’s body is repaired by his ring of regeneration.


Lord Tirwin was a skilled wizard who served on the Council of Mages during the final days of the Myvolin Empire. Lord Tirwin was dismayed by the corruption and stagnation that had gripped the empire and was not sad to witness the collapse of the Myvolin Dynasty. He was shocked, however, by the rampant destruction of the former imperial city and the hatred for magecraft displayed by the Lucidian-led revolt.

Lord Tirwin along with the other members of the Council of Mages decided to take their families and what followers they had and fled Ran Adin. The Council disbanded outside of the city with nine members heading west into the Thurid Mountains where they established the hidden city of Thaylia while the other three members of the Council went their own way, disappearing from history.

In Thaylia the art of magic flourished and Lord Tirwin and the other mages established a ruling council with nine members. Lord Tirwin led the High Council and was able to establish lucrative trade routes for magical items and lore all while maintaining secrecy concerning the location of Thaylia.

After almost seventy years as High Chancellor of Thaylia Lord Tirwin finally retired from his post and from his life. After chairing his last council meeting and tendering his resignation the wizard closed his eyes and ceased to live.

High Chancellor Tirwin Gometta

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