A Whisper Beyond the Grave






Whispers From Beyond the Grave

This campaign started on the island nation of Vintara: the throne of the Pelorian Theocracy.
The party forms through the serendipitous shipwreck of the Osprey binding them together through the forge of necessity and circumstance. The party consists of a headstrong Lantern Knight, a studious Lucidian Monk, a small lizardman, and a gnome necromancer. This unlikely party discover events that bind them all together under a common banner and quest into the deserts of the south to right the wrongs of the past.

Player Characters:
Sir Lawrence Godwin
Brother Brandos Griffin

Adventure Log:
Chapter 1 A Journey to the Ancient Lands
Chapter 2 The Osprey
Chapter 3 The Parched Land

Kaspar’s Character Log:
Roll into town
Aboard the Osprey
Desert Bound
A blood Path
Inquisitive Nights
A Little Comfort
By the Cover of Night
Into the Fire

Brother Brandos Character Log:
Brother Hayden interrupts me again
This is why I stay in the library
Hate might be too strong a word
Finally a little recognition

A Whisper Beyond the Grave

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