Brotherhood of the Pure Land






The Brotherhood of the Pure Land

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Alignment: Neutral
Headquarters: Unknown
Leaders: Lord Farris Covin
Prominent Members: Bishop Adrius Tarduk
Structure: Religious Militant
Scope: A semi-secret and sometimes outlawed offshoot group of crusaders
Resources: Unknown

The Brotherhood of the Pure Land, whose members are often referred to as Purelanders, is an organization that has only recently appeared in Cyonia. Its members espouse the purification of the Ancient Lands by expelling or subjugating all non-Lucidians. They have been a thorn in the side of those who pursue a more stable relationship with the large population of Myvar who live in Cyonia.

The actual number of Purelanders is unknown, but is certainly growing. In 517, after repeatedly causing several riots and brawls in the streets of Ran Adin, King Darius outlawed the group and issued a warrant for the arrest of its key members, including Lord Covin, an influential courtier, and Father Tarduk, the chaplin to Prince Kheldon. The Purelanders were tipped off, however, and fled the city, taking with them the king’s grandson, Prince Kheldon, the Count of Ibylis.

Nearly one hundred Purelanders, many of them knights, left with Covin, beginning a rampage of violence that brought them to the ancient madrassa of Jabara before plunging through the Paythian Desert and beyond into lands controlled by the Myvar Sultan of Coronet. The group headed to the hidden ruins of the city of Thaylia, where they sought a long hidden artifact. Their efforts, however, were disrupted by a group of adventurers dispatched by King Darius to recover Prince Kheldon.

Despite the death of Lord Covin and their defeat in Thaylia, the Purelanders were able to salvage ultimate victory. King Darius, fearing for his grandson, had marched his army west and had been defeated by a combined force of Myvar. The king himself was killed, as were both of his sons. Prince Kheldon was summarily crowned by the defeated army and was returned to Ran Adin. King Kheldon placed Father Tarduk on his Privy Council, giving him immense influence over the governing of the realm.

With their star in ascendance, the number of Purelanders has quickly swelled. Many who were secretly members have begun to reveal themselves, while an unknown number still remain behind the scenes. Thus far their actions have been mostly provocative towards non-Lucidians, with only a few cases of outright violence. It remains to be seen what they will attempt, and what they can accomplish.

The group has no official sanction by the Lucidian Church, despite the fact that several priests have joined its ranks.



Brotherhood of the Pure Land

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