The Bloodmists of the North

Strange tidings fill the frozen north with a sense of uncertainty. The goblins of Gromolikland are migrating north back to Lodd en mass seemingly without collusion. The terrors of Lodd and Mith are more commonly being found beyond the Spine…and eight intrepid adventures are trying to find out why.

Tribal Drums in the Jungle Night

An adventure in the wild untamed jungles of Centara, where the newly colonized natives learn to cooperate with the piously militant Lantern Knights against the encroaching violence of the Lizardfolk Nation and the threat of the Sandorian Empire looming at their border. All beholden to the fact that the slave trade grows stronger and stronger and the interloping slavers have become the bane of all free people.

Chronicles of the Ancient Lands

The ancient south is a place of paradox. The remains of the once mighty Myvolin Empire clash with the ideals and beliefs of the new crusader kingdom of Cyonia. Here is a place where ancient power and religious belief clash amidst the shifting sands of a ruined land.

B saviours of prophesy
Saviours of Prophesy

The Emperor of Thrayce is fading. His excess and decadency has spurred the country into unrest and it is whispered that his true heir apparent is in seclusion—hiding from the grips of the unstable monarch and the clutches of those who are longing for power in the Northern Kingdoms.


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