Not of the earth and not of the planes: elves live in the space between. Capricious, malevolent, charitable, and benevolent elves are like the seasons of the world—little is known about their history.

There are four major types of
elves tied to differnt spirits
of the world. The Mystic elves
are intrinsicaly tied to the
spirits of the Moon and other
celestial bodies in the night
sky. The Eldren are children
of the earth tied to the
capricious spirits of the trees,
plants, rivers, and soil. The
Sylvan are the wayward wanderers
devoted to the spirits of the
wind and animals—tenacious and
transient in their devotion to
the order of life. And finally,
the Seers are the fabled mystical
bretheren of the eternity of
life: all elves revere, and
avoid, the passing and falling
of the Seers for they speak of
truths untold and lives unlived.



Elves to the minds of man are a
mystery. They are seldom seen
and rarely spoken of except in
quiet whispers and stories for
children. There was a time, it
is said, years ago when the
tribes of man lived among the
fey lives of the elvenkind—
but that has long past. The only
relic of the past alliance are
the fading bloodlines of the fey-
touched: the half-elves. These
are rare humans that have elven
blood in their veins from the eons
past coupling of their ancestors
with the more cosmopolitan elven
nation. Not many half-elves still
exist today, and many are only
recognized by slight discolouration
of their eyes or skin, slight points
to their ears, or even slight traces
of the elven magic escaping from
their control.

When all is said and done, elves have lost their place within the ruins of Myvolia. They have abandoned the tribe of man to fend for himself either as a wary neighbour, a patient parent, or a wise traveler. Only time may unmask the motives of the mysterious elven people.


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