Gromolikland Territories






Northern Gromolikland

Southern Gromolikland

The Territories of Gromolikland…the vast expanse of plains wedged between the rolling foothills of Ural and the Empire of Thrayce. Bordered on the west by the South Mithron River that flows from the far north, splitting the continent down the middle. As is the case with it’s neigbor, Ural, this was once a peaceful land of farmers, ranchers, and nomadic herdsmen has now become one of walled in noblemen, engaged in constant war with each other, as their serfs scratch away at the earth, hiding away what they can to keep from dying of hunger.

Kintala III of Thrayce began parceling up pieces of Gromolikland during a military campaign 200 (or so) years ago to give to retiring Generals, and minor nobility who’d merited landholdings, of which no more were available in Thrayce itself. Now, as with Ural, the descendants of those nobles wage a constant war on each other to expand their landholdings. The major difference between Ural and Gromolikland, is that these individual families are not ruled by a king, but instead hold their own courts, and their individual lands and borders are constantly changing hands, almost as currency amongst each other, when not being won in battle.

Gromolikland Territories

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