Knights of the Order of the Lantern of St Clevoy






The Holy Order of the Knights of the Lantern of Saint Clevoy

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Alignment: Lawful Good
Headquarters: Lantern Keep, The Port of Valsina
Leaders: Lord Marshall Hobbrin Tollister
Prominent Members: Lord Commander Orthos Blakeburn, Cyonia; Prelate Vander Dominica, Centara
Structure: Militant Religious
Scope: A presence in all Lucidian lands with greatest numbers in the Ancient Lands and Centara
Resources: Vast holdings in land, wealth, ships and castles.

The Holy Order of the Knights of the Lantern of Saint Clevoy, otherwise known as the Lantern Knights, is a militant religious order attached to the Lucidian Church of Pelor. It is led by the Lord Commander and is answerable only to the Patriarch and the Helion Council. Its symbol is a golden lantern on a black field.

In the year 223 of the Lucidian Era a young pious knight from the kingdom of Angrove name Sir Clevoy Gaulier took a pilgrimage to Vintara and then to the Sultinate of Ran Adin to visit the holy shrines of Saint Lucius and the ruined Temple of the Sun. During his voyage Clevoy was shocked by the many dangers and abuses that pilgrims were subjected to by corrupt merchants, local warlords, bandits and slavers. Outraged, Clevoy organized a small band of loyal and faithful soldiers who accompanied groups of pilgrims and offered them protection. The young knight also took to protecting and restoring several important shrines and temples throughout the Myvar sultanates, sometimes through bribes and payments to local potentates, other times through force. Among his greatest acts was a daring raid on the palace of a Drelorian caliph where the Tarscareen Lantern, a relic associated with Saint Lucius, was kept. Clevoy returned with the Lantern to Vintara and ensconced it in a tower of his fortress in the port of Valsina. The Lantern shone with a divine light and at night lit up the sky like a beacon showing travellers where safety could be found.

Greatful merchants and pilgrims donated land and wealth to Clevoy and his followers so that by the time of his death, he had amassed a large fortune and commanded a growing contingent of knights and soldiers. Clevoy instituted a strict code of honour and piety for his followers and insisted that all men, noble or common, were fit to serve equally before Pelor and his blessed Saints.

Upon his death in 297 LE Clevoy was canonized by the Patriarch and a holy charter was given to his followers organizing them into an official militant order. Clevoy’s three cardinal beliefs of piety, honour and equality before Pelor became the foundations of the Lantern Knights.

The order grew quickly and a string of fortresses known as Lantern Keeps were established along pilgrimage roots to offer protection and shelter to travellers. In 325 LE the order was further enhanced when it was transferred a great deal of land and wealth from the disbanded Order of Saint Ignatius.

During the Crusades starting in 375 LE the Lantern Knights were a major part of the forces that besieged Lycos and captured Ran Adin. They have since had a large presence in Cyonia with fortresses in all of the major cities and along the pilgrimage roots.

In recent years a contingent of knights have been dispatched to the jungles of Centaria to organize a defence against the dwarves of Sundaria who have preyed upon the native populace. The knights have also built several war ships with the intent of combatting Myvar slavers who ravage the coastal areas of the Northern Kingdoms and Vintara.


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Knights of the Order of the Lantern of St Clevoy

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