The Myvar

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Headquarters: Various religious centres
Major Holy Sites: The city of Ran Adin, The ruins of Baatra
Leaders: A variety of mullah, imam and other prominent leaders hold regional influence
Prominent Members: Mullah Ibraheem al’Fareed of Alteera, Imam Golah bin Hussain al’Ammar of Coronet and Sultan Faruq bin Khollah al’Qadar of Sciros
Structure: A large body of religious jurisprudence established by prominent clerics and stitched together with ritual prayers of obeisance to Pelor
Scope: Wide spread in the Ancient Lands with pockets elsewhere
Resources: Vast

Kaladonian knot 60x64 According to the Myvar, the Royal House of Theol never truly died, but rather was hidden from this world, to be returned by the angels of Pelor only when mankind is once more deserving of that illustrious lineage.

from Mosaic: The Faith of the Ancient Lands Sage Dalthius Groppo, 4435 kc, Isle of Mann

The Myvar faith is a diverse system of belief. There are many religious centres that hold influence, but none that could truly claim to be paramount. Rather it is a religion that is stitched together by a large and continually growing system of jurisprudence that rules-to varying degrees-the day to day life of its people.

The term “Myvar” is used to differentiate this system of belief from the Myvolin race itself. Though the Myvar see the House of Theol, the greatest dynastic family of the Myvolin tribe, as the rightful rulers of mankind, the adherents are often of different tribes themselves. It is a faith that looks back to the High Myvolin period as the most glorious time in history. It was the assassination of Emperor Adrikavothus , the last emperor of the Royal House of Theol, in the year 3688 of the Kaladonin reckoning that ultimately changed the course of the faith and led to the following decline.

For the Myvar a return to this period is not only desirable, but ultimately inevitable. Their devotions beg Pelor to safeguard the dynastic line of Theol and their hope is to establish a second Myvolin Empire.




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