Peloric Faiths






The Peloric Faiths

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Lucidian brothers crest 60x75And the angel Tobris commanded Theol, saying unto him, Though shalt hold no worship but for the one true god and His name is Pelor.

from The Book of the Myvar

The Peloric Faiths are a group of religions that grew from a common source. They are all based on the belief that the Sun God Pelor is the paramount deity and the ultimate guardian of mankind. For those who adhere to this faith, worship of Pelor is exclusive. While the existence of other deities is not denied by Pelorians, their motives and meaningfulness are subverted to those of the Sun God.

The Peloric religions grew from the teachings of the first Myvolin Emperor, King Theol. In the 2821st year of the Kaladonin reckoning, Theol, a prince of the ruling house of the Myvolin, was visited by an angel of Pelor who instructed him in the means of worship. In time, and partially attributed to his new found faith, Theol rose to take the throne and eventually to found the vast Myvolin Empire that would survive for over a millennia to command the farthest reaches of the realms of men. The heart of this vast empire was divided into two chambers. One was the dynastic house that Theol established which ruled unbroken for nearly eight centuries. The second chamber was the Peloric faith which was centred on the Temple of the Sun in Ran Adin. For many centuries the two seemed inseparable.

The assassination of the last emperor of the Royal Line of Theol in 3688 kc severed much of the empire’s deepest connections to the Peloric faith. As the official religion of the late empire strayed into heresy by deifying emperors and subjugating doctrine to political expediency, the increasing decadence and moral decline of the church quickly showed profound signs of detachment from the mysterious will of Pelor. With the collapse of the Empire, the official doctrine virtually disappeared to be replaced by the Myvar and the Lucidians.

The Myvar are a branch of the faith that principally survives in the Ancient Lands of Aloria. These states once formed the bosom of the empire and have, perhaps, the most generous view of its former merits. The primary belief of the Myvar is that the break from the Royal Line of Theol was the event that caused much of the following decline and destruction. In their devotions, the Myvar call for a return of the House of Theol and the ascension of a second empire.

The Lucidian canon sees things differently. According to their beliefs, the destruction of the empire with the slave revolt led by Saint Lucius in 4048 kc was a schism from the old faith. In their view the Myvolin had squandered their religious imperative and the Will of Pelor now resided in the teachings of Lucius and others close to him. The founding of the Lucidian Church in Vintara has established a new, more egalitarian doctrine. In their belief, it is the character of a man’s soul that determine’s his worth rather than the station of his birth.

Both of these faiths have been widely spread with the Lucidians heavily influencing the more densely populated ares of the Northern Kingdoms while the Myvar have mostly kept to the Ancient Lands. Increasingly, however, they are coming into conflict, especially in the Crusader Kingdom of Cyonia which is important to adherents to both faiths.



Peloric Faiths

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