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Welcome to our Ruins of Myvolia Play by Post

Now, it should be noted that this play by post is mostly unedited—so don’t go looking for any professionalism. It really is just us using the boards for some quick gaming in loo of our actual gaming sessions. If you are looking for some interesting reads and fun synopses of our world, and game, you should check out the Campaigns section by clicking the icon on the left sidebar (or following the link). The Campaign section divides the different adventures we have had in this shared world by organizing our Adventure Logs, our Character Logs, the PCs we used and the NPCs we have encountered.

We have two places where we have Play-by-Posts: one is on this site that you can get two by hitting the link below or the top menu bar again. Or click the picture to get to our Bloodmists of the North campaign that is completely Play-by-Post.

The Bloodmists of the North

Strange tidings fill the frozen north with a sense of uncertainty. The goblins of Gromolikland are migrating north back to Lodd en mass seemingly without collusion. The terrors of Lodd and Mith are more commonly being found beyond the Spine…and eight intrepid adventures are trying to find out why.


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