Sisters of St Margo the Healer






The Sisters of Saint Margo

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Alignment: Neutral Good
Headquarters: The House of the Healing Hand, Ran Adin, Cyonia
Leaders: High Abbess Helda Kreig
Prominent Members: Sister Leena, The House of the Healing Hand
Structure: Religious Healers
Scope: Chapter houses throughout Cyonia, Vintara and the Northern Kingdoms
Resources: Some holdings in land and chattel.

The Sisters of St Margo are a three hundred year old order that has spread to most Lucidian lands. The sisters dedicate themselves to healing and as such operate hospitals in most major centres. They care for those injured in body and mind.

They gained a strong foothold in Cyonia during the Crusade while ministering to the health and wellbeing of crusaders. The largest of their hospitals is the House of the Healing Hand in Ran Adin.

The Sisters’ leader is the High Abbess who represents their order on the Helion Council and determines doctrine and directs resources with the help of a council of abbesses drawn from the major chapter houses.

Though the order professes non-violence, sisters often accompany parties dispatched on dangerous ecclesiastical business to provide healing, advice and support.




Sisters of St Margo the Healer

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