The Company of the Iron Wolves






The Company of the Iron Wolves

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Alignment: Lawful Evil
Headquarters: Mobile
Leaders: Lord Ulrich von Wolfheim, Baron of Mastricht
Prominent Members: Sir Bryson Tidewater, Father Griel, Volson Karn, Tibett the Vulture
Structure: Militant
Scope: A veteran company boasting around two hundred soldiers
Resources: 100 heavy horse, company armaments, some coin

The Company of the Iron Wolves is a mercenary troupe commanded by Baron Ulrich von Wolfheim of Grewhain. They have served various lords and kings throughout the northern kingdoms and found great fame during the latest war in Prax. In 417 LE they came to Cyonia to serve Bishop Tarduk where they remain in his employ.

The company numbers over two hundred soldiers with over half of those mounted. Among its officers are Sir Bryson Tidewater, an Ulnoran knight from Angrov; Father Griel, a Lucidian priest; Volson Karn, a dark-skinned sorcerer; and Tibett The Vulture, a savage barbarian of the far north.

The company is renown for their professionalism but also for their cruelty. In Prax they were often given the task of raiding and foraging, gaining a fearsome reputation amongst their enemies.



The Company of the Iron Wolves

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