The Company of the Manticore






The Company of the Manticore

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Alignment: Good
Headquarters: Mobile
Leaders: Matrim Taim, Sebastian Magnussen
Prominent Members: Alma Errante, T’alen VerDeen, Cora Higglemore, Talton Brigston, Lornaal Icreraker, Terrance Corbois
Structure: Adventuring Company
Scope: Eight adventurers
Resources: Personal arms and possessions

The Company of the Manticore is an adventuring party based in the vast Northreach of Parlone. The members of the group hail from very different regions, including Cyonia, Thrayce and Bellweather.

The group took its name from a harrowing battle with a manticore, beasts long thought to be mythical. The battle was among the groups first and helped to gel them into a united fighting force. Since then they have committed themselves to investigating other disturbing events throughout the north with the goal of setting them right, and acquiring what wealth and prestige are to be had.



The Company of the Manticore

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