The Empire of Thrayce






The major supplier of fish, and other seafood for the northern kingdoms, the Empire of Thrayce is located across the Bay of Mann to the northwest of the Isle of Mann. Its capital, Thrayce, holds at its center, the Emperor’s sprawling fortress, dubbed “The Capital” by the people of Thrayce, just as the city containing it is called “The City”. In fact, the city of Thrayce is referred to as “The City” in most of Valestra, Gromolikland, Ural, Welt, and much of Desendria. It’s port is the only legal crossing point from the mainland to the Isle of Mann, as well as housing one of the largest military fleets on the continent.

The Imperial Wall, spanning the northern and southern shores of the Kilestine Peninsula, contains but three gates, each housing a garrison of between 50 and 200 imperial knights, and separates the city from the rest of the country in a very physical way. 40 feet thick, and 80 feet high, is it counted as one of the greatest feats of engineering in history. One should generally be carrying appropriate paperwork when attempting to enter one of these gates, (exiting is generally fine, though warrants are routinely posted) as the guards stationed there (considered a prestigious position in military terms, though not amongst the Navy) are well within their legal rights to seize people (or property) and hold them within the wall while they await trial, if they deem it “necessary”. (often, they “forget” to schedule a trial, and the accused generally show up for their trial physically, and/or psychologically unable to defend themselves)

Emperor Kintala VI is a lazy old man, relying on his various retainers, and emissaries to do the actual work of running the Empire, while he counts his money, and demands unreasonable building enterprises and military expeditions. He has gone through four wives, each falling ill and succumbing to death shortly after delivery of each of his four daughters. According to the laws of the land, his firstborn daughter, Chelsea (who has not been seen in public for fifteen years) is to be his successor, as he has no male heir. It is believed by most that she is in hiding for fear of being murdered to keep her from the throne, as her father is a notorious sexist and bigot, who many believe would rather leave the rule to a stranger (there would be a vote amongst the nobility if no heir existed) than to leave a woman in any sort of position of authority. Many believe that she is already dead, but her body has never had a proper ceremonial burial, as was the case with all three of her half-sisters. Of course, many prominent nobles may wish her ill as well, as the Emperor is in failing health, and it is expected that he won’t last more than a few more years.

The Empire of Thrayce

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