The Kingdom of Ural






The Kingdom of Ural…the rolling foothills and plains that extend south off the Southern Mithron Mountains. Once a peaceful land of farmers, ranchers, and nomadic herdsmen has now become one of walled in noblemen, engaged in constant war with each other, as their serfs scratch away at the earth, hiding away what they can to keep from dying of hunger.

King Kornarch, who is in actuality merely a pawn of Emperor Kintala VI of Thrayce, is a figurehead overlord of the petty, greedy nobility overflow from that country. Kintala III began parceling up pieces of Ural during a military campaign 200 (or so) years ago to give to retiring Generals, and minor nobility who’d merited landholdings, of which no more were available in Thrayce itself. This forced the peaceful farm-folk who’d dwelt in the region for generations to migrate west to Sumner, Ilk, and Targon, and south into northern Welt. The region from that crusade has now become the kingdoms of Ural and Gromolikland, though Thrayce still controls most of the goings on of the region. Now, the descendants of those nobles wage a constant war on each other to expand their landholdings, and it is not uncommon for a family to be entirely wiped out and have it’s land turned over to the family that destroyed them, only to have it taken by another neighbor, because they lack the strength to hold it. Add to that the frequent raids by the descendants of the displaced families from two generations ago, and you have a very tumultuous landscape indeed.

The Kingdom of Ural

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