The Lord Marshall of the Crusaders






The Lord Marshall of the Crusaders

The Lord Marshall of the Crusaders is a title given by the Patriarch to the official leader of the crusader forces. All crusaders pledge to obey the Lord Marshall, although in practice they are far more independent. It is not an empty title, however, and has often been used to rally the crusaders around a common banner.

The first Lord Marshall of the Crusaders was Duke Tiberius Giddon, a Grewhanian lord of renown piety and military prowess. He was chosen to lead the initial thrust of the crusaders by a council of noblemen and priests who later placed him on the throne of Cyonia. The title of Lord Marshall has since been given to each of the Giddon kings as they assume the throne.

In 417 of the Lucidian Era King Darius, the third in the Giddon dynasty, used his position as Lord Marshall to gather an army of crusaders to augment his force of noblemen and knights in a desperate bid to rescue his grandson who had been spirited away by a rogue group known as the Brotherhood of the Pure Land. They were met in the field by a combined army of Myvar warlords that threw back the crusaders, delivering them one of their most crushing defeats since King Godfry’s loss in the Mirrin Valley. It is widely expected that Darius’ grandson, Kheldon, who followed him to the throne will be proclaimed as the next Lord Marshall.




The Lord Marshall of the Crusaders

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