The Monastery of the Redeemer






The Monastery of the Redeemer

Lucidian brothers crest 60x75 Who shall ascend into the fires of the Sun? Who shall face its awesome light?
He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, but has given his life to the salvation of the lost. Lift up their heads, O ye faithful, and be ye lift up to the everlasting glory that shall be yours.

From the teachings of Saint Brisbee, circa year 12 of the Lucidian Era

Kaladonian knot 60x64 Built from the ruins of a Myvolin-era slave camp, the Monastery of the Redeemer sits on the eastern shore of Lake Namaran. The Old Monastery was erected over nearly a century by the Order of Saint Brisbee when they first came to the valley. It was destroyed in a tragic fire that claimed the lives of nearly two score brothers in the year 385 LE. The remaining brothers were too poor and too few to rebuild and so instead moved into the ramshackle series of barns, sheds and a run-down tower that sit behind the original monastery.

from, The Land and People of The Kingdom of the Sun, Sage Alder Fairiday, 4408 kc

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The Monastery of the Redeemer

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