The Order of Saint Brisbee






The Order of Saint Brisbee the Redeemer

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Alignment: Lawful Good
Headquarters: The Monastery of the Redeemer, Namaran Valley
Leaders: Abbot Hewin
Prominent Members: Olin Vars (formerly), Brother Oswald, Brother Galbart
Structure: Religious asceticism
Scope: A tiny order with less than two dozen members
Resources: Virtually none.

The Order of Saint Brisbee was never a large brotherhood and it has long been in decline. Founded shortly after the Lucidian rebellion toppled the Myvolin Empire the orders’ numbers swelled and construction of the original monastery began. In the year 52 LE the warlord Akkad came to control the Namaran Valley and demanded punishing tribute from the brothers. For a time this halted construction of the monastery and even resulted in the temporary expulsion of the brothers from its grounds. The resulting period of terror as the Tormented Ones began a spree of murder was long blamed on the Brothers as it began at the time of their persecution and ended with Akkad’s death and the return of the monks to their home.

For the next three hundred years a series of Myvar potentates, including the Waziiri family of Ran Adin, controlled the valley. Though at times they were forced to pay heavy tribute, the brothers were allowed to live in peace. Over the years, however, those seeking admittance to the monastery began to fall. By the time of the crusade the brothers were a shell of their former strength. It was at this time that the order submitted itself to oversight by the Lucidian Church in Vintara and its appointed Bishop of Lycos.

In 385 LE a series of events led to a fire in the monastery that completely destroyed the original building and caused the deaths of almost half of the remaining brothers, including the Abbot. This was a severe blow to the order, leaving the remaining members too poor and too few to rebuild. Instead they were forced to move into the barns, sleeping in the lofts and making their nightly devotions beneath the stars or amongst the livestock.

What few brothers were left were mostly aged men of a simple, peaceful persuasion. In 417 LE the arrival of the mercenary Company of the Iron Wolf at the behest of the newly installed Bishop Tarduk proved calamitous for the brothers as once more they were expelled from their monastery while the Bishop’s agents demanded that they surrender a mysterious magical treasure that they claimed the brothers’ possessed. As before the brothers’ persecution was quickly followed by the appearance of the Tormented Ones and the deaths of several residents of the valley.

Despite their many hours of labour and prayer throughout the day, the chief devotions of the Brothers of Saint Brisbee are made in the darkest hours of night, where they sing from a beautifully illuminated prayerbook-their only treasure of any note.



The Order of Saint Brisbee

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