The Order of the Knights of Dawn






The Order of the Knights of the Dawn


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Headquarters: The ruins of Shiranell Keep, Parlone
Leaders: Unknown
Prominent Members: Unknown
Structure: Religious military
Scope: Formerly a small order that has been disbanded.
Resources: Few to none

The Knights of the Dawn, or the ‘Northwatch,’ as many people called them, became a victim of circumstance. Founded by the Ignatians in 112 LE as bastions of the North to help defend the Northern Kingdoms from the Hordes of Lodd and the Wilders of Mith, they became abolished through association with the Cowled Brothers of Ignatious. Having only a handful of chapters in the the North-lands and only one small chapter house in Vintara, the Knights of the Dawn were put to the sword as heretics spreading paganism and disparaging the word of Lucius. The Lantern Knights of St Clevoy inherited all vessels and holdings: on a directive from Vintara, the church ceased all occupation of the far north.

In truth, the Knights of the Dawn were the only organized militia devoted to guarding the North from Loddish invaders. The only thing that currently remains of the Knights of the Dawn are two abandoned keeps situated in the far north of Parlone under the shadow of the Spinereach and Skysplit mountain ranges—long overrun by vegetation and the nomadic peoples of the Northreach. For the nomadic barbarians of the far north are the only guardians left against the encroachment of another horde.

There are rumors that there still exists a small sect of Northwatch that work hand-in-hand with the Brauman, the Northreach Barbarians, and a few rogue Cowled Brothers; but, no investigation has been leveled by the Lucidian church as of yet.



The Order of the Knights of Dawn

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