The Order of the Lucidian Brothers






The Order of the Lucidian Brothers

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Alignment: Lawful Good
Headquarters: The Goldrise Monastery, Vintara
Leaders: Abbot Hayden Wallace
Prominent Members: Brother Brandos Griffin
Structure: Religious Academic
Scope: Based in Vintara with brothers scattered throughout the world
Resources: Considerable holdings in land and chattel south of Arncourt.

The Order of the Lucidian Brothers is a monastic organization that was founded shortly after the Lucidians established themselves in Vintara. They are dedicated to religious and academic pursuits and have quickly become one of the major centres of learning in the world of men.

Lucidian monks pursue all manner of knowledge in a wide variety of fields. Science, philosophy, and history all echo through its lecture halls along with a dozen other disciplines. The glory of the monastery is its vast library that houses the accumulated knowledge of the brothers. In its scriptoriums rare texts are copied and treatise are distributed throughout the Lucidian lands.

Because the brothers often pursue knowledge in dangerous and less settled parts of the world they receive martial training and some have learned to call on their patron for divine assistance by way of magic.

The coat of arms of the lucidian monks has a pair of keys that represent the unlocking of knowledge from both the past and the present. The sun on their arms is to remind them that all they do is in the name of Saint Lucius and for the glory of Pelor.

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The Order of the Lucidian Brothers

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