The Sufaadi






The Sufaadi

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Alignment: Lawful Good
Headquarters: The Jabara Madrassa, Cyonia
Leaders: Mullah Hashan ali-Nareez
Prominent Members: Abdullah Reeza Bashir
Structure: Militant Religious
Scope: A centuries old Madrassa located in Cyonia
Resources: Very small.

Jabarah was a place of learning built on a steep hill overlooking the Sabine River eight centuries ago by a Myvar sect known as the Sufaadi. Abdullah had joined the sect in his youth and had proven himself to be an excellent student of the order’s philosophy of joining physical and martial skill with spirituality and meditation. The order stressed a regimen of intense training for both the body and the mind that sharpened its students into deadly combatants twirling about on the battlefield, using only simple weapons and their bare hands. Whirling Dervishes was the moniker attached to the Sufaadi by the invading Cyonians during the Crusade and such was their prestige that the king in Ran Adin allowed the order to continue to exist unmolested so long as they swore to do no harm to the Throne or its subjects.

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The Sufaadi

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