The Theocracy of Centara






The Territory of Centara


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Capital: Respite
Ruler: Primate Joseph Cardel
Government: Theocratic Territory owned by Vintara
Languages: Vintaran, Centaran
Religion: The Lucidian Church, Tribal Omenism

Centara is a troubled nation.

Ninety years ago the Patrician of Pelor extended a hand of knowledge, trade, and religion to the poor nation Que’Sambo. Que’Sambo was nothing more than a gathering of small tribes held together by an eternally absent monarchy and a terminally diverse set of superstitions. Governance was a bothersome adventure whilst busy hunting and gathering.

The word of Pelor spread quickly and churches sprung up in every corner of the country as the diverse peoples of the land found commonality under the love of a strong paternal/maternal figure. The majority of native Centarans find it ridiculous to have a male creator so they have adopted the term Pelora the Mother Goddess. This practice has been punished far and wide by strict practitioners but has largely become excepted among the rural areas due to the inability to correct the misconception through knowledge, practice, or violence.

With war looming to the East and a strong influx of Vintaran merchants and priests the nation quickly started changing shape. The day that the city of Able fell to the might of the Sandorian Empire the Patrician of Palor sent the mighty fleet of Vintara to Que’Sambo. Blood was spilled; but, not the blood of man yearning for freedom, or patriots fighting for their homeland, blood was spilled from the proud warriors who heralded the elder ways, devout guardians of a great southern matriarchy—the Great Que’lan Dynasty, and the early few unfortuantes who didn’t understand the severity of the Pelorian dictum.

In short order the Patrician of Pelor created with his holy knights the nation of Centara. This came not a moment too soon. With the new wealth and technology from the Vintarans the people of Centara were able to create a strong front on the border, a distinct show of force and discipline, a new perception of strength to the ever encroaching Sandorian Empire. When Simbia the sister nation of Que’Sambo fell to the might of the Dwarves of Sandoria Centara looked to be a unified military theocracy ready for whatever might come it way.

While the Que’Sambo jungle basin remains largely untouched by the Sandorian armies large amounts of refugees have flooded through the jungle into Centara strengthening the numbers and power of the nation while weakening and straining its resources at the same time.

A new threat is emerging from the jungles. Not only is the strong presence of the Dwarves felt daily but the long ignored Lizardfolk nations have developed a strong relationship with the slave markets of Able. Lizardfolk slavers (not that there is anything wrong with that) have become a serious threat to the border of Centara and the remaining refugees from the jungle basin. Very few armed skirmishes have taken place against the Lizardfolk nations but the sheer amount of nomadic slavers have heightened tensions to the brink of open conflict.

Centara is a troubled nation. With a freshly coated paint of new religion over an ancient people, the new Vintaran rulers have been marshaling the Centarans into the rank and file of a traditional Vintaran regiment to meet the deluge of a possible Dwarven invasion whilst being harried by the profit mongering of a long ignored Lizardfolk nation.

Player characters born and raised in Centara may choose one of the following Regional Benefits:

+2 Survival (jungle)
+2 Fort save to resist harsh climates
+1 Att bonus with any spear

The Theocracy of Centara

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