Tribal Drums in the Jungle Night






Tribal Drums in the Jungle Night

This campaign started in the small fort of Sun on the border of Centara and the
Sandorian Empire. Consisting of a young lantern knight, his family’s veteran squire,a shaman
of the native Leopard Basin Tribe, and a Warrior of the native Rappid Water tribe the party was an odd mix. The party was thrust together by a council of the ruling Pelorian theocracy and a gathering of local elders so that the party could accomplish tasks that large groups of knights and the complacent locals regularly failed.

Current List of Player Characters:
Sir Lucius Vandrail
Sunbow of the Leopard Basin

Sir Lucius Vandrail’s Character Log:
And so it begins
Our first foray
Trek through the jungle
The Heart of Darkness
A dark day becomes a new dawn
A perilous task
A murder in Doubt

Play by Post Entries:
Recovery of the Serpent Idol
Enoch’s Escape
The Victor’s Return
New Evidence
Haven Bound

Tribal Drums in the Jungle Night

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