The Myvolin Empire
has been dead for more than four centuries: And the world of men is divided. The iron hand that had bound the Tribes of Man together, allowing them to spread with impunity, has disappeared.

In the lands of the South,
crusader-knights have seized the ancient capital, Ran Adin, and have forged a new kingdom based on their holy tenants. The Myvar, who survived the initial fall, have reorganized themselves into a series of small sultanates and warring city-states fed by slavery, piracy and trade. The mysterious Drelorians, who shroud their faces from all but the gods, wait with gathered strength…watching the world with suspicion.

Across the Alorean Sea,
in the free-kingdoms of the North, men struggle to survive on the fringes of human civilization. In the intrigue ridden halls of Thrayce machinations abound driven toward the foundation of a ‘New Northern Empire.’ While in the jungles of Centara, a desperate group of holy knights watch as an unstoppable army of Dwarves devour ever more land…and the people that inhabit it.

Despite successes and failures
a constant whisper echoes throughout the lands of men. A rumour that lives like a mirage on a desert horizon: The Myvolin Emperor yet lives; and, he will return to collect the fragments of his once great empire—and punish those who sought to free themselves from his mighty grip.

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