Dwarves are mostly misunderstood by the race of Man. Some theorize this is because of a cultural disconnect while others maintain it is an intrinsic mystical otherness that permeates the two species. Either way, Dwarves have been an integral part of the world since before the birth of Man.


Dwarves have long been known for their great strength and endurance when it comes to physical labour and have maintained dominance in the areas of artistry, architecture, engineering, trade, and commerce.

Dwarves are most easily dividable by geographical location. While perhaps the most simplistic approach to the study of an entire race this is perhaps the most apt considering the Dwarves history and focus.

Racial and Geographical Divisions

It is believed by most that the Dwarves were not created by the Gods; thus, never favoured by the Gods. There was no Byblios for them to grow and prosper and no shelter for them to develop and mature. It is believed that the Dwarves are more elemental in nature—springing from the Earth itself: a genesis of necessity. The Ancient Dwarves believed it was their life’s duty to maintain the wholeness of the Earth by building bulwarks, canals, and pillars beneath the surface. It was their birthright to prevent the vast Hordes of the Deep from reaching the surface and destroying the world.

The Ancient Dwarves called the Earth ‘Karn’. They worshipped Karn by working to maintain its beauty, its strength, and its longevity. Ancient Dwarves never built temples to Karn thinking that to be the ignorance of Man. Their prayer involved action. Every step toward the development of a great hall, or a magmaduct, or a stone pillar, or even a battle against the Hordes of the Deep was a step toward righteousness. To do otherwise was to become lost.

The strong single-minded approach to Dwarven life has further divided the Dwarves over the centuries: creating great ties and strong divisions. Some of the most dominant aspects of Dwarven culture lie in its division of labour, power, and religion.


Political and Theocratic Divisions


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