The Crusaders






The Crusaders

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Alignment: Neutral
Headquarters: The Palace of Light
Leaders: King Darius of Cyonia, Lord Marshall of the Crusaders
Prominent Members:
Structure: Religious Militant
Scope: Emanating from the Northern Kingdoms, but main strength lies in the Ancient Lands
Resources: Personal wealth.

In 375 of the Lucidian Era in response to a slaughter of Lucidian pilgrims in the Sultinate of Ran Adin the Patriarch of Vintara called for the faithful of the Northern Kingdoms to ban together to free the Ancient Lands from tyranny and finally secure them in the name of Saint Lucius. Priests and monks across the Lucidian lands besought the common folk, knights, lords and even kings of the north to take up the white mantle with the golden sun to fight for their faith.

Thousands responded, leaving their homes for the promise of salvation, plunder and glory and soon the fields around Arncourt and Valsina were filled with banners, tents, horses and men all destined for the Ancient Lands. An armada of ships was assembled to ferry the crusaders across the sea. The first victory came with the siege and capture of the mighty port of Lycos, which guarded the mouth of the Sabine River. With their beachhead secured the crusaders set their sights on the jewel of the south, the ancient capital of Ran Adin, where a Myvar Sultanate had been established by the Waziiri family after the fall of the empire.

The crusaders met the Sultan’s army in the field north of Ran Adin where they claimed a crushing victory over the Myvar. They then besieged the city and in a matter of weeks they breached the walls, spilling into the city in an orgy of violence, looting and death.

The actual number of crusaders ebbs and flows as opportunity, demand and piety dictate. Since the original call to arms a host of priests, noble lords and kings have raised similar armies with the intention of carving out pieces of the Ancient Lands. These adventures have met with varying degrees of success but in the years since the fall of Ran Adin they have helped to expand the boundaries of the Kingdom of Cyonia and bring ever more lands under the rule of crusader lords.

The Crusaders are not a highly organized faction as many militant orders are. The term is rather a mantle that one adopts as a show of belief, commitment and intention towards a cause. While not a true army, they are rather soldiers who have pledged their lives to defend the faith. Those who take their vows supposedly serve the Lord Marshall of the Crusaders, a roll traditionally filled by the King of Cyonia but in truth they are a disparate and chaotic organization, prone to attaching themselves to movements, individual men or organizations with independent agendas.

The crusaders have no general pool of resources to draw upon except for the charity of those who believe in their cause. King Tiberius, the first Lord Marshall of the Crusaders, made available to them the Myvar palace of Alhamdra in the eastern district of Ran Adin which they renamed the Palace of Light. It has been made into a hostel which can house hundreds of crusaders.

Crusader shield 60x75 The Lord Marshall of the Crusaders

Crusader shield 60x75 The Palace of Light

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The Crusaders

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